Lock On Trailer #8

The official Lock On: Modern Air Combat website has been updated with a new trailer, showcasing Ubi Soft's upcoming combat flight simulation. This week's movie show "two F-15C’s merging with a flight of Mirage 2000-5s. All was going well until Wags fired a Sidewinder at his wingman". As usual, four new screenshots have also been added to the gallery. Gamer's Hell Local Download:
  • Lock On Trailer #8 (8.9 MB)
  • With an innovative 3D engine allowing for ultra-realistic graphic detail, extreme frame rates, and a robust mission builder, Lock On is the most advanced combat flight simulation title ever produced, providing for near limitless replayability. Lock On: Modern Air Combat features nine different flyable Russian and U.S. Air Force combat jets including the F-15C "Eagle", the A-10A "Thunderbolt II", the Su-27 "Flanker B", the Su-33 "Flanker D", the MiG-29S "Fulcrum", the MiG-29A "Fulcrum" (both Russian and German versions), the Su-25 "Frogfoot" and the Su-39 "Frogfoot". These aircraft encompass an array of both air-to-air and air-to-ground combat aircraft for both US and Russian forces and will allow players a broad-range of combat missions. Lock On also features: - Combat operations in the Black Sea region - A Dynamic Battle Generator (DBG) for endless replayability - Stunning 3D objects and special effects - More than 35 individual missions - Multiplayer support for a minimum of 32 players via LAN or Internet for both head-to-head and cooperative play - Scalable realism and difficulty levels for the beginner and expert pilot - Detailed briefings and debriefings - A mission video recorder - Pilot logbook - Realistic, immersive sound design - The ability to earn promotions and medals - A thorough syllabus of training missions.

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