Steve Ince Nominated for Writers' Guild Awards

So Blonde script writer nominated for Writers’ Guild of Great Britain 2008 Awards
Eidos announced that Steve Ince has been nominated for the Writers’ Guild of Great Britain 2008 Awards, shortly after So Blonde was released in Europe. His script for the PC Adventure game So Blonde was shortlisted in the category 'Best videogame script'. So Blonde is a game where you play as Sunny Blonde, a 17-year old blonde girl stranded on an island all by herself. Being on a cruise in the Bermudas, the ship is hit by a heavy thunderstorm and the cute girl escapes the tragedy in a life boat. On top of that, she is transported a few hundred years back in time, in an age when the pirates and buccaneers ruled the world. Probably that's why her cell phone has no coverage and there are no malls around.