Grand Theft Auto 1 Full Free Download

Rockstargames Classics is now offering full version of first installment of GTA, rehashed to work on modern PCS.Update We now have it on our mirrors for u to download.Enjoy and say Thanks Rockstar ;) Gamer's Hell Local Download:
  • Grand Theft Auto Free Full Version (328 MB)
  • This version of Grand Theft Auto is modified from its original version to enable support for modern PC's and current Microsoft ® Windows ® platforms. However, we unfortunately cannot guarantee that Grand Theft Auto will work correctly on your PC. Installation and execution of this software is entirely at your own risk. Grand Theft Auto Important Notes - Please read the following before downloading and installing: The size of this file is 328 MB. This game requires the latest version of DirectX to run. If you do not have the latest version of DirectX installed on your system, you may download it from After downloading Grand Theft Auto, double-click on the file (GTAInstaller.exe). The Install program will start; follow the on-screen install instructions and choose where you would like to install Grand Theft Auto. Grand Theft Auto will then be installed and a program group created for you in "START > PROGRAMS > Rockstar Games > GTA". You will NEED to run "GTA Settings" from the Program Menu BEFORE running the game for the first time. In GTA Settings you can customize your control options and select a language (English is default). Once you are done with GTA settings, choose "Save" to save your settings. You can now run Grand Theft Auto! Just click on "START > PROGRAMS > Rockstar Games > GTA > GRAND THEFT AUTO" to start. Once in-game you can change the resolution by pressing 'F11' and choosing any of the listed resolutions. Have fun!