Robot Arena 2 v1.20 Patch

Infogrames has issued the first patch for Robot Arena 2: Design & Destroy, bringing this arcade-style, robot building game by Gabriel Interactive to v1.20. The update fixes a few crashes, adds some new skin & features, and fixes several bugs as well. Gamer's Hell Local Download:
  • Robot Arena 2 v1.20 Patch (1.2 MB)
  • Robot Arena 2 Readme Robot Arena: Design & Destroy(tm) version 1.20 Thank you for purchasing Robot Arena 2. We hope you enjoy battering and bashing mechanical creations. Contents: 1. Changes since Gold Release 2. System Requirements 3. How to install 4. How to run 5. Last-minute items 6. Notes on game options 7. Notes on performance 8. Troubleshooting 9. Technical Support 1. Items Changed since Gold Release: Patch 1.20: - added fix for King of Hill matches with fractured parts in zone or anomalous phantom events from Havok - fixed AI pathfinding for getting stuck in hazards in hilltop arena - fixed event crash with fractured components - fixed Havok crash with fractured items - added graphic to repair screen for fractured items - removed force and torque data from sync message - removed guaranteed messages from host (changed to synced, non-guaranteed) - decreased bandwidth and update intervals for internet connections - hitting teammates no longer adds points - server list is sortable - added connection speed to server list - remove shadow when player quits multiplayer match - added spectator names to pre-match screen and match results screen - added new skin with slots for AI EMERGENCY bot - fixed ready state crash in multiplayer when bots are ejected - fixed bug where borders weren't showing up on server list ping column the first time in 2. System Requirements Required: Operating System: Windows 98/2000/Me/XP Processor: 450 MHz Pentium II or higher Memory: 64 MB RAM Hard Disk Space: 170 MB Free CD-ROM Drive: 4X Speed (8X recommended) Video: 16 MB 3D Window 98/Me/2000/XP-compatible video card* (software mode not supported) Sound: Window 98/Me/2000/XP-compatible sound card* Multiplayer: TCP/IP (LAN or Internet) Modem: High-speed Internet connection required for online play (DSL or cable modem, or faster) DirectX: DirectX version 8.1 (included) or higher Controllers: Mouse/keyboard (Gamepad optional) * Indicates device should be compatible with DirectX version 8.1 or higher. 3. How to install To install the game, insert the CD-Rom into your CD-Rom drive. If autorun is enabled on your computer, the installer will launch automatically. If autorun is disabled, browse to your CD-Rom drive and run the program called launcher.exe. >From the menu shown, click the Install button to begin the setup program. If you do not have DirectX installed, the setup program will prompt you to install it. This is required for the game to run. To remove the game from your system, use the same menu to select uninstall, or run the uninstaller from your Windows Start menu under the Robot Arena group. 4. How to run After you have installed the program, you can run the game from the autostart menu that appears when the CD is inserted into the CD-Rom drive. Or you may run it from the shortcut created in the Windows Start menu under Robot Arena. 5. Last-minute items Internal damage: hits to the chassis will cause damage to surrounding components based on their distance from the hit. Motors, batteries, and other internal components will become less effective as they take damage. Although they may generate quite a bit of smoke or other effects, they will not become completely inoperative. Event size: to help accommodate slower computers, a selection was added to the options screen to allow a player to reduce the maximum number of participants in an event match from 4 to 2. If you notice your single-player events with 4 robots are too slow, try changing the setting to 2. You will end up having to win more matches, but they should run more quickly and be more responsive. Please Note: changes to this setting will not take effect until the start of the next event. 6. Notes on game options Some of the game options need a little more explanation, especially since they can affect performance quite a bit. From the Options menu you will find: Graphic detail: Medium detail - all normal features Low detail - no multitexturing (shaded arenas); no specular (no shiny robots); no chassis deformation (crushed, damaged chassis) High detail - adds shadows of robot chassis; more particles (sparks, shrapnel) Graphic effects: On - all normal effects Off - no particles (sparks, shrapnel); no decals (chassis scratches, etc.) Damage messages: On - all normal damage indicators Off - no immobility warnings; no player status bars; no scoring indicators Event size: 2 or 4. This setting determines the maximum number of robots per match in a single-player event. If the game runs too slowly on your computer with 4 robots but is ok with 2, try changing this option to 2. Note: changes to this setting will not take effect until the start of the next event. To find out what settings work best on your system, follow these steps: 1. Start with High detail and effects and messages on. Try a few exhibition matches and see how the game plays. A faster computer should handle these settings easily. 2. If the game is sluggish or feels like it's in slow motion, switch to medium detail. 3. If it's still too slow, turn off Graphic effects. 4. If it's still too slow, switch to Low detail. Finally, turning off Damage messages may help a tiny bit. (Mostly, turning off damage messages would be for the serious competitor who doesn't feel like he/she should know how healthy his/her opponents' robots are.) On the Multiplayer Create Server screen you will find: Connection speed - this setting determines the number of synchronization updates sent by your server to all players. The faster your connection, the more updates that will be sent and the smoother the game will feel to players. (However, players' must also have a fast connection to receive and process the number of updates you are sending.) 7. Notes on performance Please note that while there is a maximum weight for robots, this does not prevent a player from creating a robot with many parts (motors, pistons, etc.) which can cause slower performance and longer load times. 8. Troubleshooting 9. Technical Support Technical support via email is available by visiting Robot Arena 2(tm) Developed by Gabriel Interactive, Inc. Copyright (c) 2000-2003, Gabriel Interactive, Inc. All rights reserved. Published by Infogrames