PlaneShift v0.2.007 Patch

The PlaneShift Team has released a patch for the recent tech demo (story) of their fantasy MMORPG. The new release (v0.2.007) fixes some problems on lower-end machines, uses less memory, reduce load time, and is more stable. Be sure to read the full story for instructions before trying to update. Gamer's Hell Local Download:
  • PlaneShift *New Updater* (required for v0.2.007 Patch) (160 KB)
  • While you were searching for more crystals, the PlaneShift Team was busy fixing some problems in the client. We are aware that PlaneShift runs slowly on lower-end machines. In these days the devs fixed some problems and the new release is more stable and uses less memory. Load time should be better also. To upgrade to the new 0.2.007 release you have to: 1) Exit from PlaneShift Client. 2) Download the new updater. Unzip it in the PlaneShift main root folder overwriting the files. 3) From the PlaneShift Quickstart menu, click on the Updater Icon. It will download about 10 Mb of updates. If the updater program fails or stops for reasons like network interruption, you can run it again and it will restart from the point it stopped.