Project IGI 2 Upgrade 1

Codemasters has released the first patch for IGI 2: Covert Strike, updating both the UK and Nordic editions of Innerloop's tactical shooter to v1. The patch adds a new multiplayer map (Jungle), improves netcode and fixes several bugs. Gamer's Hell Local Download:
  • IGI 2 Covert Strike UK v1 Patch (40.1 MB)
  • IGI 2 Covert Strike Nordic v1 Patch (40.1 MB)
  • IGI 2 Dedicated Server v1.0 (54.5 MB)
  • IGI 2: Covert Strike by Innerloop Studios - UK retail v1 patch (Jungle MP map) The IGI2 team have located a Conspiracy base deep inside a jungle. Your objectives are to turn on the base's generator, hack in to a computer to discover the purpose of the base and finally destroy one of two temple ruins the Conspiracy has been using as cover. Technical description: Click on setup exe file, the upgrade will automatically install intself into the IGI2 folder on your PC. Fixes: - Removed 'CD-authentication failed' messages on clients. - Fixed bug in weapon system causing network overload (unable to spawn, unable to change weapon). - Possible to specify alternative network config files when starting server. See MP-README.txt for details. - Fixed a spawn bug preventing players from sending new spawn requests if they were initially denied spawning. - Fixed problem with being thrown out from the terrain when sliding. - Fixed limiting of view-angle when lying down. - Fixed bug that left one player with no weapon when 2 players simultaneously tried to pick up a weapon. - Fixed Mission Complete credit, always showed server local player in listen mode. - Fixed so dead players don't stand up where they died if respawning while they are in the death sequence. - Fixed so weapons don't get stuck some times with autofire after dead. - Fixed so bomb don't explode many times with laggy network. - Fixed so players can't fire while disarming bomb. - Removed player-corpses' knife-slashes which killed other players. - Added the display of servername to score-screen - Enabled players who join after Obj1 is completed to disarm planted bomb.