Ninjatown Introduces Feroshi Mountains and Screens #12

A few new screens in our gallery
SouthPeak Games today introduced the Feroshi Mountains, a new location from Ninjatown for the Nintendo DS, a game based on the Shawnimals' designer toy line. The Slippery Slopes of the Feroshi Mountains are a cold and unforgiving area that our Ninjas must battle through. Suddenly, the Baker Ninjas proclaim they want to join the fight, and have a surprise for the Ol' Master Ninja and his troops! However, Mr. Demon has a hot surprise of his own. Next, the Fissure Trail, the transport hub for the cookie ovens, contains three different trails that the Ninjas will have to strategically defend against the oncoming devils, including the Tribal Devils, who can do a Dark Syrup dance and rain the deadly goo down on nearby Ninjas. The chilling cold of Boulder Pass is made all the more difficult to bare as Mr. Demon shoots building-destroying balls of Dark Syrup onto your Ninja defenses, in addition to sending waves of enemies at you. Gort Junction has three entrances, one exit and countless enemies to stop. Terrifying new Dark Syrup enemies work to prevent you from reaching the last district and finally stopping Mr. Demon. Ninjatown is now available across North America. Check our gallery for the latest batch of screenshots.

Ninjatown on DS
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