RTX Red Rock Trailer #2

The official RTX Red Rock website has been updated with a new trailer, showcasing this upcoming action/adventure game in the works at Lucasarts. The movie offers one minute of gameplay footage in QuickTime format. RTX Red Rock will be released exclusively on PS2 in May 2003. Gamer's Hell Local Download:
  • RTX Red Rock Trailer #2 (3.3 MB)
  • Welcome to the Battlefield of the Future 2103 A.D. Mars needs you. You're E.Z. Wheeler - a biomechanically enhanced soldier built to wage a one-man war. Your equipment: an arsenal built into your steel arm, an electronic eye and a robotic sidekick named IRIS. And you're going to need it. Alien invaders have overrun the colony on Mars and we're sending you to stop them. Your mission: Save the future! Features: * Grenade launcher, handgun, grappling hook, plasma torch - your synthetic arm has it all! * See in four unique vision modes with your enhanced eye. * Control any robots you find, drive Martian rovers and even fly alien spacecraft. * Ten intense levels will take you from advanced space stations to cavernous underground mines as you explore the vastness of Mars. * Multiplayer mini-games include robot racing and 2 player deathmatch.