Operation Flashpoint GOTY and Operation Flashpoint Resistance v1.91 Final Patches

More than 3 months after the beta version (story), Codemasters has now released the *final* upgrade for Operation Flashpoint Resistance and Operation Flashpoint GOTY, bringing both versions of Bohemia Interactive's tactical shooter to v1.91. Both updates add new weapons, units, vehicles, features, and two new multiplayer missions as well (read full story for details). Gamer's Hell Local Download:
  • Operation Flashpoint Resistance v1.91 *Final* Patch (14.4 MB)
  • Operation Flashpoint GOTY v1.91 *Final* Patch (8.9 MB)
  • RESISTANCE Upgrade 1.91 to your Operation Flashpoint directory. WHAT'S NEW New weapons ----------- Hunting Rifle G-17 - silenced version Revolver M-10 New units --------- Resistance / Sniper West / pilot with hand gun West / silenced BlackOp New vehicles ------------ Bicycle Small Car New features ------------ Hand guns have no tracers now. Hand guns are more inaccurate over longer distances. New MP Missions --------------- SectorControl.Noe: New version of old mission. Extensive fighting around a small bridge on the north. FlagFightHandGuns.Noe: Very fast and deadly mission. Deathmatch with flag on a very small area. Hand guns only. Technical Description > REQUIRED: ORIGINAL VERSION OF OPERATION FLASHPOINT AND OPERATION FLASHPOINT: RESISTANCE. You have to have OFP: Resistance installed before aplying this patch. If you have 1.85 patch installed you can still upgrade to version 1.90 with this patch - look at "BUG FIXES AND IMPROVEMENTS IN 1.90" section to see what is new.