Galatron Released and Demo

Build and upgrade your own spaceship and compete with others for total universe domination
Running Pillow has announced the release of Galatron, a space shooter game where you start as a commander of a pathetic, poorly-equipped space ship. Then you can sign up to a various arenas to battle with other commanders to gain money and upgrade your spaceship to some sort of killing machine. As you climb on the ladder of pilots you must compete with harder and more intelligent opponents with better equipped spaceships. Each fight takes place around a central planet so your spaceship, projectiles all debris etc. are influenced by the planetary gravity field according to physics laws. Another great aspect of the game is that each spaceship is composed of attachable components (engines, weapons, energy panels, shields, mine layers etc.). Each component has its own health and can be destroyed separately. A playable demo is now locally mirrored.
Galatron Demo (12.17MB)