Neopets Puzzle Adventure Trailer #2

0:56 of in-game footage
We have a new trailer from Neopets Puzzle Adventure, a multi-platform puzzle adventure game for the Wii, DS and PC. Developed by Capcom and Infinite Interactive, developers of Puzzle Quest, Neopets Puzzle Adventure takes puzzle solving skills to new levels with a unique Neopets spin. Based on the classic board game, 'Reversi', Neopets Puzzle Adventure includes 150 different quests across vast Neopian lands, a variety of the most popular customizable Neopets to choose from, and several fun mini-games to add depth and fun to the gameplay. As a bonus to Neopets fans, players will be able to earn codes throughout the game that connect back to the Neopets site by achieving certain goals throughout the DS, Wii or PC game. These unique codes will allow players to unlock exclusive items back in their virtual world on Neopets Puzzle Adventure will be available this holiday season.