Murlikin Rescues His Estate Released and Demo

Brave cat Murlikin to save our planet
Blagotek today announced the release of Murlikin Rescues His Estate, a 3D arcade game about Murlikin - a kind cat whose country house was invaded by evil aliens armed with extremely dangerous and very fork-like weapons. Murlikin makes his way through labyrinths and dozens of unfriendly aliens from the startpoint to the teleport which takes him to another level. His way is full of various dangers, sources, barrels and the most frightening ones - locked gates. To face all these dangers Murlikin possesses a large arsenal from bombs to paws and keys. Keys are very important as it is the only way to pass through the locked gates. Murlikin Rescues His Estate can be purchased by visiting this website - a playable demo has been added in our download area.