Ninjatown Introduces Lava Ninja and Builder Ninja

I'll get to it in a minute... first, a coffee break
SouthPeak Games today introduced Lava Ninja and Builder Ninja, new characters from Ninjatown for the Nintendo DS, a game based on the Shawnimals' designer toy line. As you might expect, the Lava Ninja spends a lot of time inside Mount Feroshi perfecting his wicked fire attacks and… baking? Hmm… There is more here than meets the eye. But until we figure it out, how about a few of those cookies you have there? Need a new ninja hut? Maybe some remodeling? Give Builder Ninja a shout, but not on weekends. He'll get to planning and calculating, and provide an estimate in no time flat. Before you know it, after a few green tea breaks, your job will be done to perfection - and to code - and only 15-percent over the orginal estimate. Ninjatown is now available across North America, with a UK release being planned for November 28th.

Ninjatown on DS
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