Phoenix Dynasty Online Christmas Patch Announced

Join one of the four feudal states, grow your characters and skills, and participate in the legacy of history, fierce fighting and politics
Developed by Object Software Limited and published exclusively in North America by Ingle Games, Phoenix Dynasty Online is an MMORPG set in the world of the Warring States period of Ancient China. The game is presented in an eye catching and realistic style of 2.5D paintings. This, along with the time genre of the game, allows you to experience the decor and setting and feel of such historical events and the scorching conflicts and warfare among the seven vassal states. Phoenix Dynasty Online features 5 distinct elements, thousands of quests; equipment forging, armor sets, exotic and mystical mounts, as well as battles between both guilds and states. In related news, Ingle Games today announced a special pack for the game that includes new content, such as Christmas rewards, firecrackers, and more (check full story for details).