Warrior Kings Battles v1.1 Patch

Empire Interactive has released a patch for Warrior Kings Battles, bringing this RTS by Black Cactus to v1.1. The update "fixes problems related to multiplayer games" and will work for ALL language versions of the game. Another patch is also available, only for the German version this time, which "fixes problems with music" in this particular release. Gamer's Hell Local Download:
  • Warrior Kings Battles v1.1 Patch (All versions) (5.9 MB)
  • Warrior Kings Battles Music Patch (German version only) (42.7 MB)
  • How to install the patch: Download and unzip the Warrior_kings_battles_patch_1_1.zip file (this can be unzipped anywhere) Run the resulting .exe file The patch will automatically detect the installation path of the game and patch it You will be returned to the desktop once the patch is complete (it is very quick) Run the game (you will still need your original CD) You should notice the version number on the Main Menu now reads 1.1 Note: This patch will work for ALL language versions of Warrior Kings: Battles