Reaction Quake 3 v3.0

A new version of Reaction Quake 3 is now available for download, bringing this Quake 3 Arena mod to v3.0. The new release offers several new features and bugs fixes, 10 new maps (added to the 21 maps from previous release), a new gameplay mode (Team Deathmatch), ton of replacement model and skins, and more. Gamer's Hell Local Download:
  • Reaction Quake 3 v3.0 (ZIP) (308 MB)
  • Reaction Quake 3 v3.0 (EXE) (308 MB)
  • Reaction Quake 3 (or simply known as "Reaction") is essentially a direct-as-possible port of Action Quake 2 (AQ2) to Quake 3: Arena. Because the A-Team decided to continue work on Action Half-Life and Action Unreal Tournament, there will be no official port of AQ2 to Quake 3. Reaction Quake 3 is a community-based effort to implement the gameplay from the hit modification with Quake 3's superior rendering engine and networking code. Reaction Quake 3 IS NOT Action Quake 3! Since our code and content freeze last week, we have fixed some more bugs and added some new much-needed features. The content has been tweaked even further and we have finally narrowed down our 3.0 map list. Adding to the 21 maps that were in the previous release, RQ3 3.0 will include 10 new maps. We have decided to put 11 other maps into consideration for a future release as well. Yup, we had 21 maps in-progress or near completion that we were considering for the 3.0 release. The maps that will be included in 3.0 are: BLOCKWAR, CHILL, CITY, KUMANRU, PITFALL, SUBWAY, TEAMJUNGLE, THECLUB, URBAN2, and WATERFRONT. We also have a few updates of old maps such as BULLMARKET and ALPINEVALLEY, but they are only minor tweaks and bugfixes to existing maps so we're not counting them towards our new map total for 3.0. We've got a new gameplay mode, Team Deathmatch, newly tweaked player models including one very nice model from Polycount's MoP, and a ton of assorted replacement models and skins. We look forward to community submissions that we can put into an official 3.1 release! We are finalizing plans for our release party in IRC at #reactionquake3 on so be sure to check in the next few days for more details! Also, check for more details about the 3.0 maps and other features along with some screenshots of the new maps!