Blue Dragon Plus Official Strategy Guide Announced

Blue Dragon Plus DS secrets revealed for the first time ever
Ignition Entertainment and BradyGames have announced that the Blue Dragon Plus official strategy guide will be published on February 24, 2009. The guide features a comprehensive walkthrough of the entire game along with area maps for all 22 rooms. Every available item and accessory are detailed, along with data tables for health, attack, enhancement items, and more! Complete coverage of The Mecha Plant, including tips on how to create Mecha robos and list of all Mecha pieces available. The Allies and Shadows section features bio info, leveling data, and Shadow skills for each of the 16 characters. Plus, strategies for all 30 side-quests and exhaustive bestiary for every enemy in the game are included. Blue Dragon Plus will hit the store shelves across North America and Europe in March 2009, exclusively for Nintendo DS.