Wizard101 Dragonspyre World Released and Screens #2/Trailers

Dragonspyre expansion live, along with the new PvP Wizard Arena
KingsIsle Entertainment has announced the release of Dragonspre, the first new 3D world added to Wizard101, a virtual world of wizardry in which magic and sorcery come to life in a quest that involves a massive cast of good, evil and frequently silly characters. Dragonspyre is an ancient haunted world in which renegade professor Mallistaire has recently been spotted. Once an advanced militant society, Dragonspyre had an esteemed Academy rivaling that of the Ravenwood School of Magical Arts in Wizard City. It is a dark world where the inhabitants held a special interest in Fire Magic. Legend has it that in the summoning of a great Dragon Titan, the world was destroyed. A new set of screenshots and two trailers have been added in our download area.

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