Halo Wars Gone Gold and Screens

Seven new screens uploaded in our gallery
Microsoft Game Studios and Ensemble Studios announced that Halo Wars has gone Gold, being released on 27th February with an ERP of £44.99 for the Standard Edition and £49.99 for the Limited Collector's Edition, which includes early access to the Halo 3 new, downloadable content called Mythic Map Pack. In addition, the recently announced Xbox LIVE public demo for Halo Wars will be available beginning on 5th February at 9:00 am GMT on Xbox LIVE in the UK. In the demo, players will be able master Ensemble’s groundbreaking control scheme in optional beginner and advanced tutorials or jump right into the action to experience the beginning of the Halo Wars story with the first two campaign missions. The demo will also include Chasms, one of Halo Wars 14 multiplayer maps, wherein players can battle it out in Skirmish mode vs. A.I., playing either as the UNSC with Captain Cutter’s leader powers, or as the Covenant with the Prophet of Regret's own unique abilities. Check the new screenshots from our gallery.