Splinter Cell v1.2 Updated US Patch

Ubi Soft has released an updated version of the US 1.2 patch for Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell. The patch "is essentially the same with the addition of a small diagnostic tool that was left out of the first one". Thanks: 3DGamers. Gamer's Hell Local Download:
  • Splinter Cell v1.2 Updated US Patch (11.6 MB)
  • DETAILS PATCH 1.2 PROBLEMS SOLVED IN THIS VERSION: - The 3D Sound button in the Sound config area is now properly activating/deactivating 3d hardware sound acceleration/positioning; - In Shadow Projector mode, the shadow filter design was changed to LOW/MEDIUM = 2x2, HIGH = 3x2, VERY HIGH = 3x3 depending on the value of Effects Quality in the video settings menu; - Holding or Pushing CTRL while going back to the main menu no longer bring you back to a cube map with a default texture; - Laser micro success/failure computation fix; - Benchmark mode (see instructions in readme file); - No more guard/unguard, check/uncheck to speed up performance; - No more Shadow Details in Shadow Buffer mode (that setting was useless on GF3/GF4Ti/FX cards); - No more bugs submitted to EPIC; - 800x600 is now supported by 32 MB video cards; - GeForce 256, Radeon 7500 cards and Xabre 200/400/600 cards (with 3.11 drivers) are now officially supported; - Night vision fix for several graphic cards; - Video memory optimization.