Unbound Saga Screens and Trailer

2:28 of in-game footage
Vogster Entertainment has released the first five screenshots and a trailer from Unbound Saga, an arcade style brawler coming in June 2009, for PSP. Based on the upcoming comic series of the same name, Unbound Saga features interactive environments with real-time physics. In Unbound Saga, players can throw down as 'comic book tough guy' Rick Ajax as they brawl their way across the panels and toward their final showdown with the omnipotent entity know as "The Maker". In related news, during the Comic-Con 2009, contributing artist Joe Linsner (creator of the ‘Cry for Dawn’ series) and writer Mike Kennedy (Star Wars: Underworld, Superman: Infinite City, Alien vs. Predator) will be signing limited edition Unbound Saga poster at the Dark Horse booth (#823) on February 7 from 6:00 pm -7:00 pm.