Black9 screens #2

Our gallery has been updated with 5 new screenshots of Black9, showcasing this upcoming tactical action game powered by the Unreal Warfare engine with support of Karma physics. The game is developed by Taldren and will be published by Majesco this Fall on PC and Xbox.
In 2080, nine powerful cartels known as Illuminati are engaged in a struggle for the control of mankind. Motivated by their own special interests, these manipulative Illuminati head towards a perilous endgame, and players find themselves in the role of a mercenary walking the gray line of right and wrong. Black9 is a Machiavellian world full of greediness and betrayal, and players will need to be resourceful in order to stay true to their own code. Black9 is being developed on the acclaimed Unreal Warfare engine with support of MathEngine’s Karma physics. Set in a third-person perspective, players are equipped with hi-tech gadgetry, weapons, and cybernetics, and can acquire specific abilities through their game play experience. Broadband multi-player support and cooperative play is also planned across both platforms.

Black9 on PC
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