Anno 1503 Metropol Scenario Addon

Sunflowers has released a free scenario for its real-time strategy/building game, Anno 1503 (aka 1503 A.D.). The 'Metropol' scenario "gives you the opportunity to prove yourself as a skilled master builder in a peaceful corner of the world, colonize large islands and benefit from the rich ore deposits and fertility offered in Metropol. And maybe you will receive a little surprise when your population exceeds 100.000 inhabitants". Gamer's Hell Local Download:
  • 1503 AD Metropol Scenario Addon (US) (6 MB)
  • Anno 1503 Metropol Scenario Addon (UK) (6 MB)
  • Anno 1503 Metropol Scenario Addon (GER) (6 MB)
  • Instructions: ------------- Doubleclick the file after download to start the installation process. The new scenario will be written to the 1503 A.D./ANNO 1503 installation folder on your hard disk. Start the game once the installation is complete. Choose “Singleplayer” in the main menu, click on “New game” and scroll down the list of available scenarios to display and start the “Metropol”-scenario. "Metropol" contains: * Very large islands * Rich ore deposits * Very rich fertility * No pirates * No computer opponents * No disasters