Clueless: The Game Released and Screens

Clueless mixes guys, crushes, friends, school and, of course, clothing, into one fashion game
Legacy Interactive has announced that Clueless: The Game is now available online via Legacy Interactive official website. In Clueless: The Game, players take on the roll of fashion-maven Cher, whose life is not always as easy as it looks since her friends and family are continuously misunderstanding her very honorable intentions for them. It is up to the player to help Cher and her friends through the ups and downs of finding true love and, of course, looking good. Clueless is the first of the three games that Legacy Interactive is developing based on Paramount Pictures films. Games based on the films Mean Girls and Pretty in Pink will be available for download during the next four weeks, and all three games will be available at retail in March 2009. Seventeen screenshots have been inserted in our gallery.