Anarchy Online: Legacy of the Xan Booster Pack Announced

New end-game content pack soon to be released for seasoned Anarchy Online veterans
Funcom announced today Legacy of the Xan, a new booster pack for Anarchy Online which features end-game content tailored specifically for seasoned Anarchy Online veterans. Legacy of the Xan Booster will open new areas of the world, introducing new items and bringing hundreds of new missions to challenge players. This content upgrade is the latest in a series of expansions and booster packs that have been released for the classic sci-fi MMO that launched 7 years ago. Anarchy Online: Legacy of the Xan will launch on February 19th, priced $19.99. If you pre-order this booster pack, you will receive an in-game virtual item known as The Phasefront Hoverchair, a unique, time-limited launch offering that allows you to cruise around on Rubi-ka in style.