No One Lives Forever 2 v1.3 Multiplayer Demo

Sierra has released an updated multiplayer demo of No One Lives Forever 2: A Spy in H.A.R.M.'s Way, giving you another opportunity to try out this FPS by Monolith Productions. The new demo (v1.3) offers three maps, playable in Co-Operative, Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and Doomsday modes, and also includes a dedicated demo server. Thanks: 3DGamers. Gamer's Hell Local Download:
  • No One Lives Forever 2 Multiplayer Demo v1.3 (171 MB)
  • No One Lives Forever 2 - A Spy In H.A.R.M.'s Way Official Multiplayer Demo Readme File April 24,2003 TABLE OF CONTENTS I. INTRODUCTION II. SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS III. INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS IV. DEFAULT KEY CONFIGURATION V. NOTES ON COMPATIBILITY VI. MULTIPLAYER NOTES VII. MULTIPLAYER MODES vIII. KNOWN ISSUES IX. PERFORMANCE X. NOLF 2 SITES XI. CREDITS AND SPECIAL THANKS I. INTRODUCTION =============== The villains of H.A.R.M are back with only one obstacle to thwart their quest for global domination: Cate Archer, the daring super spy who foiled their last nefarious plot. They've summoned the world's deadliest assassins to take her out of the spy trade once and for all. Meanwhile, the United States has uncovered a top secret Soviet project that could bring about World War III. Can Cate avert a nuclear holocaust and simultaneously keep herself out of H.A.R.M.'s Way? II. SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS ======================= In order to install and play the No One Lives Forever 2: A Spy In H.A.R.M.s Way Multiplayer Demo, your system must meet or exceed the following minimum system requirements: 500 MHz Pentium® III or equivalent US version of Windows® 98 / 98SE / ME / 2000 (with latest service pack)/ XP 128 MB RAM (256MB for Windows XP) 32MB Direct3D compatible video card with HARDWARE T&L, 32-bit color support, and DirectX 8.1 compatible driver DirectSound® compatible 16-bit sound card with DirectX 8.1 compatible driver Windows® compatible keyboard and Mouse DirectX® 8.1 (not included) or higher 282MB of free Hard Drive Space for installation + additional hard drive space for a Windows swap file and saved game files. 100% Windows 98 compatible computer system (including compatible 32-bit drivers for CD-ROM, video card, sound card and input devices) 56k Modem or LAN for multiplayer games* In order to play the game at the recommended resolution, detail and performance levels, your computer should meet or exceed the following specifications: 1 GHz Pentium® III or equivalent US version of Windows® 98 / 98SE / ME / 2000 (with latest service pack)/ XP 256MB RAM 64MB Direct3D compatible video card with HARDWARE T&L, 32-bit color support, and DirectX 8.1 compatible driver DirectSound® compatible 16-bit sound card with DirectX 8.1 compatible driver that supports EAX 2.0 Windows® compatible keyboard and Mouse DirectX® 8.1 (not included) or higher 282MB of free Hard Drive Space for installation + additional hard drive space for a Windows swap file and saved game files. 100% Windows compatible computer system (including compatible 32-bit drivers for CD-ROM, video card, sound card and input devices) Broadband Internet connection or LAN for Multiplayer* *Please note that in order to host or join a multiplayer game, your computer should meet or exceed the recommended system requirements. III. INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS ============================== NOTE: Before playing, you must install DirectX version 8.1 or higher. You can download DirectX from Microsoft's website at Once DirectX 8.1 is installed, double click the Nolf2Demo.exe icon in the folder where you extracted the installation files. Within a few seconds, the launch window should appear. Once the launcher appears on the screen, you’ll be presented with the following options: Install: This option will launch the InstallShield setup utility. Setup consists of a series of screens, each containing choices that you must make regarding your installation preferences. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete installation. Once installation is complete, this option will be replaced by the "Play" option. Display: This option only becomes available once installation is complete and will allow you to choose from a list of available display resolutions prior to running the game. Note that this will also occur automatically the first time the game is launched. Options: This section contains options that can be used to turn various game features on and off and is only made available after installation is completed. These options should only be used if you encounter problems when running the game and should not be changed if everything is functioning normally. Uninstall: This option becomes available only after the game has been installed. It allows you to easily remove the game files from your hard drive. Please note that certain installation files may become shared by other programs, so you may be prompted for confirmation before some of these files are removed. Also, your saved game folders will remain in case you want to reinstall at a later date. Quit: Closes the Launcher application. Play: Once installation is complete, the Install option will no longer appear, and the Play option will appear instead. Click on this to launch the game. The first time you launch, you will be prompted to choose a performance setting that fits your particular system configuration. Read the descriptions of each setting and choose the one that is the closest match for your hardware. Please note that choosing a setting higher than your system can support will likely result in unsatisfactory performance. IV. DEFAULT KEY CONFIGURATION ================================== Unmappable Controls: Menu Quicksave Screenshot Quickload Movement Controls: Forward W Backward S Step Left A Step Right D Turn Left Left Arrow Turn Right Right Arrow Sidestep (strafe) Left Alt Sneak Left Shift Jump Spacebar Crouch C Turn Around Backspace Lean Left Q Lean Right E Toggle Sneak Caps Lock Toggle Crouch Left Ctrl Interaction: Fire Left Mouse Button Action Enter, Right Mouse Button Reload R Change Ammo F Next Weapon [, Mouse Wheel Up Previous Weapon ], Mouse Wheel Down Holster Weapon H Last Weapon X Move Body G Keychain Light L View: Look Up Up Arrow Look Down Down Arrow Center View End Zoom Z Status: Equipment M Inventory N Intelligence I Player Status P Mission Status Tab Compass ‘ Radio V Talk T V. NOTES ON COMPATIBILITY ========================= FUNCTIONALITY No One Lives Forever 2: A Spy In H.A.R.M.s Way is designed to function with Windows 98/98SE/ME/2000/XP-compatible graphics and sound cards. Drivers for these devices are provided by Windows itself or the respective card manufacturers and may occasionally result in compatibility problems beyond our control. No One Lives Forever 2: A Spy In H.A.R.M.s Way does not support the Windows® 95 operating system since the application requires proper installation and functionality of DirectX 8.1 or higher. Microsoft does not provide or support DirectX 8.1 for Windows 95. If you experience any problems, it is always recommended that you obtain the latest drivers for your hardware. Driver updates resolve the overwhelming majority of compatibility issues. Most hardware vendors make their drivers available on their web site. If you are unsure of a web site URL for a particular hardware vendor, you may want to try accessing one of the popular Windows software update sites such as Additionally, a brief list of the chipset and board manufacturer web sites appears below for your reference. SUPPORTED VIDEO CARD CHIPSETS WITH LATEST DRIVER VERSION INFO: NVIDIA NVIDIA Detonator Drivers (WIN 2000/XP): v40.71 NVIDIA Detonator Drivers (WIN 98/98SE/ME) v40.71 GeForce 256 Series GeForce 2 Series GeForce 3 Series GeForce 4 Series ATI ATI Radeon Catalyst Drivers (Win XP): v6.13.10.6166 ATI Radeon Catalyst Drivers (Win 2000) v5.13.01.6166 ATI Radeon Catalyst Drivers (Win98/ME) v4.13.01.9062 ATI Radeon 7200 ATI Radeon 7500 ATI Radeon 8500 ATI Radeon 9000 (9000 Pro) ATI Radeon 9700 (9700 Pro) MATROX Matrox Parhelia Drivers (Win2000/XP): v1.01.00.080 Parhelia 512 WEB LINKS ATI: Creative: Matrox: NVIDIA: Turtle Beach: VI. MULTIPLAYER NOTES ====================== The Nolf 2 cooperative campaign consists of highly interactive environments and many AI. This results in the need to send large amounts of data between the host and client(s). Unfortunately, this means that systems that only barely meet the minimum system requirements may experience unexpected disconnections and latency issues in multiplayer games. Furthermore, hosting a game on a system that falls below the recommended system requirements will result in poor performance for both the host and all clients. Please also note that hosts running on a 56k connection should set the player limit no higher than 2 to avoid bandwidth saturation and packet loss. Please see the serverreadme.txt file in your main Nolf2 installation folder for instructions on setting up and running a dedicated server. VII. MULTIPLAYER MODES ======================= Cooperative: In cooperative mode, you become a member of an elite team of UNITY agents who's job is to go in an tie up loose ends. As in the singleplayer game, you can choose to achieve your mission through brute force, stealth, or a little of both. You can also use your radio (default "V") to communicate with nearby teammates. Deathmatch: The object of this mode is to get as many kills (frags) and non-lethal hits (tags) as possible to score points. When the score or time limit is hit, the player with the highest score wins the round. Team Deathmatch: In team deathmatch, the rules are the same, but you will only score points for tagging and fragging members of the enemy team. At the end of the round, the team with the highest combined score wins. Doomsday: A team based multiplayer mode where the object of the game is to collect 3 pieces of the doomsday device and assemble them in your base. The location of the pieces the device are indicated on your compass. Pieces can be picked up and dropped with the "Move body/Object"key (default "G"). To add a piece to your doomsday device, you must stand next to and aim at the device and then drop the piece. The core of the device is heavier than the other 2 pieces and will slow your movement to a walk when carried. Furthermore, you cannot jump, fire a weapon or use a snowmobile when carrying the core. It is highly advisable to have plenty of backup when trying to get it back to your base! Once the device is completed, it will activate and wipe out the opposing team and end the round with your team as the winner! VIII. KNOWN ISSUES =================== Global: Make sure that all applications that are running in the background such as Virus scanners, Desktop Utilities (menus/toolbars), Media Players, and chat programs are disabled before running No One Lives Forever 2. Task-switching with ALT-TAB or the Windows Key back to the desktop while running the game is not recommended. WINDOWS® 2000/XP: Windows XP users must have access to the Computer Administrator's account in order to install and play No One Lives Forever 2. Windows 2000 users please download the latest service pack (Service Pack 3) before you play No One Lives Forever 2. Striking the Shift key five times may cause the 'Stick Key' feature to become enabled in Windows 2000. If this happens, the feature will task switch to a desktop dialogue box with options related to this feature, including one to disable it entirely. WINDOWS® 98/ME: If you're experiencing the game not restarting just after exiting the game, initiate the Windows Update program that's usually located on top of the Start Programs Menu. Make sure that you have all the Critical and Recommended Updates to resolve this issue. GRAPHICS: SYSTEMS WITH VIA CHIPSETS: Always update the 4 in 1 drivers to avoid possible instability problems with your graphics card. You can find these here: ATI RADEON SERIES: Mouse cursor flickers on screen during game after changing in-game resolution. Make sure that the latest Radeon Catalyst drivers are installed. Also going back into the menus and then back into the game will also correct this issue. Detail textures currently appear washed out and dull on all Radeon cards. A future update from ATI should correct this. In the meantime, it is recommended that you turn Detail Textures OFF in the Display options menu under Performance. ATI RADEON 7200: Textures on very thin polys (such as power lines) may appear to be broken into small pieces. ATI RADEON 8500: When the hardware cursor option is enabled, the mouse cursor may appear black and white or appear corrupted. Also, the position of the cursor may be slightly off after changing performance options. Try disabling the hardware cursor from the "Options" Launcher to correct this issue. Some detail brushes such as intelligence items may disappear when viewed from a distance. Lockups may occur in some cut scenes and during certain gameplay situations. ATI has fixed this issue with a special driver version. You can obtain this driver at ATI RADEON 9OOO SERIES: During cinematics, semi translucent bars may appear at the top and bottom of the screen. Please make sure that the Texture Quality option under the ATI Direct 3d settings which can be found under Display Settings is set to highest. MATROX PARHELIA 512: Some very early versions of this card may exhibit missing textures on some surfaces when weapons are fired or the key chain flashlight is used. During certain cinematics, shadows on the faces and necks of models will appear to be very jagged. Frequent lockups may also occur with all driver revisions for this card prior to v1.01.00.080. Please be sure to update to the latest driver prior to playing the game. NVIDIA GEFORCE CHIPSETS: Running the game with outdated drivers may result in crashes during gameplay. It is highly recommended that you first update to the latest detonator drivers available before playing. Refer to Section V. for more information on the latest drivers available. UNSUPPORTED VIDEO CARDS: Any video card that's not equipped with Hardware T&L (Transform and Lighting) will suffer either poor performance or complete malfunction. Even though the Matrox Millennium G550 and S3 Savage Chipsets are known to have T&L support, these cards only support this feature through their "Software" and do not meet the minimum requirement of support through "Hardware." Please review Section V. for the supported Video Card Chipsets list. SOUND: GENERAL: If the in-game sounds and dialogue (voices) do not play, or there are problems with the quality of these sounds, then please try each of the following steps (in order) before playing again. Note that you should only try one solution at a time, since trying them all can greatly reduce the overall sound quality of the game unneccesarily. 1. Make sure that you have the latest drivers available for your sound hardware installed. These can usually be found on the manufacturer's website. 2. From your main installation folder (Default C:Program FilesFoxNo One Lives forever 2 (Multiplayer Demo)), double click on the file named WMFADist.exe, and then follow on-screen instructions. This will manually install the audio codec that is required by the game. 3. From the in-game sound options menu,change the sound quality option from high to low, or vice-versa. 4. Refer to the sections below for specific troubleshooting information for your particular sound card. 5. From the Nolf2 launcher application, click on the "options" button and then click on the box next to "Disable Sound Filters". 6. From the Nolf2 launcher application, click on the "options" button and then click on the box next to "Disable Hardware Sound". Please note that since No One Lives Forever uses an MP3 codec for sound, the Nimo codec pack may cause speech and sound to drop out completely. Please uninstall the Nimo codec pack before installing No One Lives Forever 2. If you have already installed the game, please uninstall both the Nimo codec pack and the game, and then reinstall the game only. Also, subtitles will not appear in the game if you do not have a soundcard, or if your soundcard is not detected, or if you have disabled sound completely in the advanced options menu. WINDOWS 98: There have been some reports of static during hitches in game performance on various sound cards. We're still looking into this. SOUND BLASTER LIVE! SERIES: If you are using DirectX 9, you may experience performance problems when enemy gunfire is heard. This is a driver issue. To fix the problem, lower your sound hardware acceleration level in the control panel or in the sound section of the Dxdiag utility. You may experience missing sound effects and speech with older drivers (v.4.xx). It's highly recommended that you update to the latest series of drivers (v.5.xx) to correct this issue. You can check your current driver version as follows: 1. Click on the "Run" option from the Windows start menu. 2. Type "Dxdiag" (Without the quotes) in the command line and press This will initiate the DirectX Diagnostic Tool Menu. 3. Select the "Sound" tab to see information on your sound hardware. 4. In the right-hand column of this window is your sound card driver information. SOUND BLASTER PCI 128: If you’re experiencing speech and audio dropout, please try the following: Initiate the NOLF2 Launcher, click on options, click on the "Disable Sound Filters" option. Also check on the Creative website and obtain the latest driver. SOUND BLASTER AUDIGY: Weapon fire and AI voices may stop playing during heavy firefights. An updated driver for the Audigy will fix this issue. Also, EAX sound filtering effects on some weapon sounds may not reset correctly after climbing out of water or other areas. HERCULES GAME THEATER XP: The volume of certain sound effects may seem unnecessarily loud. A future driver from Hercules may correct this issue. DIAMOND MONSTER SOUND I&II: Music throughout the game may be muffled when using these cards. Currently the manufacturer does not supply DirectX 8.1 audio drivers. NVIDIA NFORCE AUDIO: All aspects of game audio suffer from high-pitched static and popping noises. An updated driver (V1.13) should correct this problem and can be found on NVIDIA's website. ( TURTLE BEACH SANTA CRUZ: If sounds seem missing or the volume of certain sounds changes erratically throughout the game, please install the latest driver (currently v.4161) from the manufacturer's web site. This should correct the problem. AUREAL VORTEX I&II: The last available drivers for these cards with Vortex chipsets are not fully Direct 8.1 compatible. Therefore, these cards cannot be supported in NOLF 2. Users of these cards may experience muffled background music, and missing or muffled sound and dialogue. PERIPHERALS: LOGITECH MICE: When the scroll wheel is set to a special function in Mouseware, activating the scroll wheel during gameplay may have undesired results. Setting the scroll wheel's function to "Middle Mouse Button" in Mouseware should resolve the issue. ADVANCED OPTIONS If you're encountering problems running the game, you can try tweaking some advanced settings in the "Options" window on the game launcher (double-click NOLF2.exe and click the "OPTIONS" button). Please note that this is for advanced users only, since tweaking these settings could very well create other problems in the game. DISABLE SOUND If this box is checked, there will be no sound effects or subtitles in the game. Also, dialog and lip-synching will not play correctly. Music will still play. If you are experiencing problems running the game and suspect your sound card may be the cause, you might check this box and see if the problem goes away. If it does then the problem may be due to a problem with your sound hardware or drivers. DISABLE MUSIC If this box is checked, there will be no dynamic DirectMusic in the game. Please use this option for troubleshooting purposes only. DISABLE MOVIES If this box is checked, the intro logo movies will not be shown. Use this if your system is having trouble playing these movies. DISABLE HARDWARE SOUND If this box is checked, this will disable DirectSound 3D sound support and could cause performance issues. DISABLE ANIMATED LOAD SCREENS If this box is checked, this will disable the animated loading screen. DISABLE TRIPLE BUFFERING If this box is checked, video output will not be triple buffered. With certain video cards, this may help performance. DISABLE JOYSTICKS Disables input from joysticks and gamepads. Certain joysticks and gamepads may interfere with normal mouse or keyboard control in the game. If you suspect this is occurring, checking this box before running the game may resolve the problem. DISABLE HARDWARE CURSOR If the mouse pointer is missing, flickering or otherwise distorted in the game menus, checking this box may fix the problem. DISABLE SOUND FILTERS If this box is checked, sound filtering effects (reverb) will be disabled. Only cards with EAX 2.0 support will benefit from this feature. If you experience problems such as static when firing a weapon underwater, you may need to play with sound filtering disabled. IX. PERFORMANCE ================= DETAIL SETTINGS When launching the game for the first time, be sure to choose the detail setting that best fits your system configuration. After the initial launch, You can change this setting at any time through the performance options menu. UPGRADING If you are unsatisfied with the level of detail that your system can handle, then you may wish to consider upgrading. Nolf2's performance is most affected by your video card, followed closely by the amount of installed memory in your machine. A high end video card will usually result in considerable framerate improvements, while installing more RAM will result in shorter load times and less hitching during gameplay. ASSET PRECACHING If you are using a system with 128MB of RAM, please note that enabling asset precaching will result in significantly longer load times. Unfortunately, leaving this option disabled will result in more hitching during gameplay. Note that this option defaults to OFF in the low detail setting. X. NOLF 2 SITES =================================== WEBSITE LINKS For more information on No One Lives Forever and additional options for technical support, and the latest updates please visit the following web sites: The Official Site FOX Interactive Sierra Entertainment Monolith Productions Community Fan Site XI. CREDITS AND SPECIAL THANKS ==================================== FOX INTERACTIVE PRODUCTION TEAM PRODUCER Chris Miller ASSOCIATE PRODUCER Aaron Blean QUALITY ASSURANCE Q.A. ASSISTANT MANAGER Igor Krinitskiy Q.A. LEAD Francis Choi TEST TEAM Geoff Bent Scott Carroll Michael Graham Jen Johnson Cris Lee Jonathan Masterson Billy Pamier Denise Pater Luke Thai Hal Zabie LOCALIZATION LOCALIZATION MANAGER Kristian Davila SPECIAL THANKS Eric Asevo Steve Bersch Pete Cesario Lindsey Fischer Ivo Gerscovich Greg Goodrich Tim Hall Tim Harrison Michael Heilemann Becky Kneubuhl Luke Letizia Dan Mackechnie Gabriel Mann John Melchior Megan O'Brien Paul Pawlicki Michael Pole Rich Ragsdale Tim Ramage Jamie Samson Kirk Scott Dave Shaw David Stalker Kristin Sutter ( Tim Tran Jack Van Leer Ellen Williams Chris Wilson Asylum Studio ( Lisa Fredsti (Fox Library) Brian Thomas (Fox Library) Brian Harvey (NVIDIA) Jessie Lawrence (Creative Labs) Mike Drummelsmith (Matrox) Marisa Porter, MCA Van Riker, 1600 Records John Dongelmans (Microsoft) Tim Godwin, Line 6 Working with the NOLF team continues to be a great experience. Thank you for all the late nights, the lost weekends and most of all, for your incredible commitment to the quality of this game. You're awesome! -CM MONOLITH PRODUCTIONS DEVELOPMENT TEAM (In Alphabetical Order) James Ackley, Lead Sound Designer Scott Albaugh, Senior 2D/3D Artist/Animator Ellen Beeman, Producer Curt Collins, 2D/3D Artist Brian Davis, 2D/3D Artist Michael Drummond, Level Designer Kevin Francis, Senior Engineer Terry Franguiadakis, Engineer Jim Geldmacher, Engineer Jon Gramlich, QA Lead Nathan Grigg, Composer Chris Hewett, Director of Development J.J. Hoesing, Engineer Rodney Houle, Level Designer Craig Hubbard, Creative Director/Lead Game Designer Steve Lee, Senior 2D/3D Artist David Longo, Art Director/Lead 3D Artist Dan Miller, Level Designer John Mulkey, Lead Level Designer Jeff Orkin, Senior Engineer John O'Rorke, Engineer Brian Pamintuan, Sound Designer Russ Pecoraro, Engineer Brad Pendleton, Lead Engineer Sasha Runnels, Senior 2D/3D Artist Samantha Ryan, Producer Wes Saulsberry, Art Lead Kevin Stephens, Director of Engineering Akika Tanaka, 2D/3D Artist Cassano Thruston, Sound Designer Simon Wong, Motion Capture Engineer ADDITIONAL LEVEL DESIGN: Nathan Cheever Dan Thibadeau SPECIAL THANKS TO THE FOLLOWING MONOLITH PERSONNEL Matt Allen Andrea Barringer Bryan Bouwman Wayne Burns Dan Fagan Andy Grant Jason Hall Patti Kail Eric Kohler Gary Kussman Kevin Lambert Rick Lambright Brian Legge Spencer Maiers Kristin McLellan Andrew Megowan Ryan O'Rourke Matt Scott Mark Spadoni Jim Totaro Sandra Watanabe Kiyotaka Yaguchi SPECIAL THANKS TO THE FOLLOWING LITHTECH PERSONNEL Jonathan Branam Bob Givnin Brian Goble Matt Grimshaw Chris Hedberg Jeff Hutt David Koenig Dan White Paige Young SPECIAL THANKS TO Steve Burke, (NVIDIA) Justin Cooney, (ATI) Todd Clauson, (Intel) Keith Galocy, (NVIDIA) Greg James, (NVIDIA) Matt McClellan, (Intel) Derek Reynolds, (Intel) Randy 'ydnar' Reddig MUSIC NOLF 2 THEME and GAME SCORE: Nathan Grigg CUT SCENE SCORES: Nathan Grigg Guy Whitmore MUSICIANS: Andrea Wittgens: vocals (NOLF2 Theme) Nathan Grigg: vocals (NOLF2 Theme, India, Island) Jack Klitzman: saxophone (NOLF2 Theme, India) Vincent Gates: guitar (NOLF2 Theme) Lori Goldston: cello (H.A.R.M. Motif, arranged by Guy Whitmore) RECORDING ENGINEERS: Jay Kenney Vincent Gates Nathan Grigg SPECIAL THANKS: Rich Ragsdale (for the use of the NOLF 1 theme) VOICE CAST Jen Taylor - Cate Archer, Isako, Ninjas, and Bystanders Jock Blaney - Dmitrij Volkov Ken Boynton - Santa, General Morgan Hawkins, Mischa the Pilot, Kamal, Anoop Banerjee, Crazy Harij, Balaji Malpani, Soviet Personnel,India H.A.R.M. Personnel, and Mimes David Scully - Isaac Barnes Deena Burke - Mother and Ninjas John Armstrong - The Director, Pierre "King" of Mimes, and Soviet Personnel, H.A.R.M. Personnel, and Man-Crates Gary Schwartz - Mimes, Soviet Personnel, and India H.A.R.M. Personnel John Patrick Lowrie - Bruno Lawrie Todd Licea - E.A. (Evil Alliance) Personnel and H.A.R.M. Personnel Jeff Steitzer - Dr. Otto Schenker, Super Computer, and Robots Andre Sogliuzzo - Magnus Armstrong Terrance Sloggins - As Himself MOTION CAPTURE CAST Jenna Hawkins John Kaufmann Lisa P. Leon-Guerrero Justin Emeka Kerry Wong Hans Altwies SIERRA ENTERTAINMENT/VIVENDI UNIVERSAL PUBLISHING EXECUTIVE PRODUCER Bill Dugan PRODUCER Bernadette Pryor DIRECTOR of MARKETING Lee Rosini BRAND MANAGER Mike Rodgers BRAND MANAGER Rozita Tolouey VICE PRESIDENT STUDIOS Rich Robinson VP of MARKETING Barbara Schwabe NETWORK DEVELOPMENT Mike Nicolino PRODUCTION SERVICES MANAGER Julie Pitt PR MANAGER Sarita Churchill QA DIRECTOR Gary Stevens QA SUPERVISOR Ken Eaton QA TEST LEADS Tharlie Richardson Craig Bradford QA TESTERS Erinn Hamilton James COok Rick Gusa MANUAL DESIGN Sweeney Designs ONLINE MARKETING MANAGER Guy Welch ONLINE EVANGELIST Mike Taskey PRODUCT CERTIFICATION DIRECTOR Randy Linch PRODUCT CERTIFICATION DIRECTOR Rod Shean PRODUCT CERTIFICATION LEAD Chris Rooker PRODUCT CERTIFICATION LEAD Cyra Talton PRODUCT CERTIFICATION LEAD Brandon Valdez PRODUCT CERTIFICATION ENGINEER Richard Benavides PRODUCT CERTIFICATION TESTER Ben Chan TRADE MARKETING MANAGER Mary Barker SPECIAL THANKS Erin Alvarez Molly O'Brien Pat Callahan Julie Daino Tracy Gibbs Adam Lumsden Peter Della Pena Eric Roeder Mike Ryder James Shaw