Meridian4 Signs Obulis and Demo/Trailer/Screens

Physics bring two companies together
Meridian4 announced today that they have signed an agreement with independent developer IonFX to help digitally distribute Obulis, their physics-based hardcore casual game. The goal of Obulis is to drop all of the colored spheres into their like-colored pots. Spheres are connected to the playfield using chains and ropes and the player must cut these constraints to put the spheres in motion. Doing this will set the level in action by the forces of gravity and physical interaction. Obulis will be available in the coming weeks on most digital distribution channels, including Steam, Direct2Drive, Impulse, GamersGate and many others. A demo, a trailer, and eight screenshots have been added in our download area.
Obulis Demo (33.12MB)

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