Runes of Magic New Arena System Details and Screens

The publisher is planning to introduce the 1-on-1 arena system into the open beta at the beginning of March
Frogster Interactive today released details on a new arena system for man-to-man combat in Runes of Magic. In the heart of Dust Devil Canyon lies the Obsidian Bastion, capital city and fortress of the NPC faction 'The Order of Dark Glory'. The city’s central square holds an arena in which mercenaries can gain combat experience and measure their powers against rivals. To guarantee a balanced contest, players will need to register with the Arena Master, who will automatically assign opponents with similar statistics. The arena will act as a tool to teach players how to control their avatars: how their character should be equipped, the skills required for PvP and how dual classes should be harmonised for their own style of play. During every three minutes of combat, a magical seal will appear which when touched, will release a random effect - such as a healing or strength enhancing spell. Runes of Magic will be released on March 19th, 2009 - five new screenshots have been uploaded in our gallery.

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