Freaky Creatures Stater Packs Pre-orders Started

The pre-orders are limited only to the game's beta testers
Abandon Interactive Entertainment today announced that Freaky Creatures beta testers can now pre-order the starter packs for the special price of $9.99, instead of $19.99, the full price on March 24th when they are released. Beta testers who pre-order a starter pack of their choice can be one of the first to have their very own Freaky Creatures collectible action figures, as well as an exclusive in-game item. While the initial starter packs will include 30 days of free play at launch, beta testers who preorder by March 23 will receive an additional 30 days, resulting in a total of 60 days of gameplay. This game is a cross-platform MMO for PC and mobile phones. Freaky Creatures places you into a futuristic setting as a Freaky Creature Trainer. To succeed, you must create, raise, train, and customize your own Freaky Creature and compete in battles against other players. You can still apply for a beta tester position if you visit their website.