Gobliiins 4 Stucco Details and Screens

And here we introduce Stucco!
Releasing three new screens, Kalypso Media today revealed the first details on Stucco, one of the characters from Gobliiins 4. In the game, Stucco's previous employers include a circus, a brothel and the Royal Navy, but his habit of eating much and working little always cost him his employment. Stucco is very stuck in his ways: he enjoys tomatoes, dislikes jelly and loves exercise. Gobliiins 4 is the next installment in a series which began back in 1991 with Gobliiins and continued with Gobliiins 2 in 1992 and Gobliiins 3 in 1993. The previous titles were developed by Coktel Vision, a French game developer which, in 1992, became a subsidiary of Sierra On-Line. Gobliiins 4 will be released on 27th March, 2009, for a recommended retail price of 19.99.