Saga Celebrates 1st Anniversary

Persistent online massively-multiplayer real-time strategy game to get more content
Silverlode Interactive has announced that Saga, a Massively Multiplayer Online Real-time Strategy (MMORTS) game aimed to bring persistency to RTS gaming, is celebrating its first year anniversary. Since Saga's release, hundreds of new quests, new buildings, hero units, special abilities, an entirely new Undead faction, as well as thousands of new weapons and armor pieces have been added to the game. For the second year, Silverlode Interactive is preparing the first expansion featuring 100 new troops and spells. Tournaments will be launching soon, allowing players to compete for Saga product and exclusive in-game battle gear. In addition, the world conflict system will be coming out later in the year, pitting guilds against each other for control of the Saga world.

Saga on PC
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