Gate To Heavens unveiled

Currently in beta stage, Gate to Heavens is a fantasy action MMORPG developed by JYSTech. Based on the Chinese legend The Story of Sealed Spirits, the game will be shown at the E3 this week. Read the article for screens & details.
Gate to Heavens is a phrase, which reflects the worldview of the game. Heavens generally mean heaven itself, however in the oriental perspective it means paradise. So in the phrase 'Gate to Heavens', Heavens mean a paradise where virtuous man lives. So the 'Gate' means the gate of the paradise where virtuous man lives. The user is invited to the world of virtuous man where light purple fog is present and which glows gently. Features: The systems shown in present online games which made the users to fall into the game such as 'avatar changing clothes system', 'thrilling action battle system', 'various kinds of item system' etc. are basically supported. Also various never-ending interactive movie form quests and mysteriously unfolding of the quest by the characters situation will absorb users’ attention continuously. - Random Quests with Event Generating System (form of prophecy quests) - Item appears in the name of 'Bopae' which has infinite quantity - After highest level, freely moving level system - Automatic Battle System, fierce battle with NPC Minimum Requirements: P3-766Mhz, 32MB Video Card &Sound Card, Win 98/2000/XP, ADSL or 56.6k Modem. Recommended System: P4-1GMhz, 64MB Video Card &Sound Card, Win 98/2000/XP, ADSL or 56.6k Modem. Genre: Full 3D MMORPG