Khan unveiled

In the works at Mirinae Entertainment Co., Ltd, one of the oldest game developer in South Korea, Khan is an upcoming MMORPG set in the 13th century Mongol empire. The game will be shown at the E3 Expo and the public beta test is expected to start later this month. Read the article for screens & details.
Khan will be shown at E3 Expo and open beta test to general public is expected to start at May. Mirinae Entertainment Co., Ltd, one of the oldest game development firm based in S. Korea, is planning to release full 3D online RPG(Role Playing Game) game in near future. Mirinae Entertainment's online game Khan has reconstructed 13th century Mongol empire based on its own 3D game engine. Khan has attracted many attentions since initial stage of production. To achieve high level of maturity, online game Khan has passed many stage of closed beta test. So far Khan has satisfied vigorous appetite of Korean game players who have participated during the test. Story of Khan starts at 13th century, when absolute power of Mongol empire is terrorizing the world and merchants from Europe was traveling vast and dangerous terrain. History and characters of European continent are also included in online game Khan, such as sorcerers who formed secrete society and practiced dark magic and knights who struggled to rule Europe. Khan reflected clash of East and West to bring out struggle, chaos and flux of culture and power.

Khan on PC
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