Runes of Magic Horse Racing Mini-Game Added and Trailer

New mini-game gives players a fun way to show who is the fastest rider
Frogster Interactive has announced that it is adding horse racing to Runes of Magic. For just a few Phirius tokens, players can take part in Wind-Runner Races, several times each day. The Wind-Runner Race administrator, Michelle Lang will take player registrations in Varanas, the capital of the region where the races start. As soon as eight participants have registered, the flag goes up and the race begins. Treacherous traps full of magic will challenge both horse and rider. Similar to go-cart racing games, players can pick up bonuses, such as slow-down effects and speed boosters, or spiders webs along the track to use against their opponents. Winners of the horse race will win a pot full of Phirius tokens, which can then be used either in the game world or in the item shop. A new trailer is now available.