Alias E3 2003 Trailer

Last but not least, Acclaim has also issued the official E3 trailer of Alias, showcasing this upcoming third-person action that allows players to step into the role of the ABC Television series’ lead character, Sydney Bristow, an agent for the CIA. Developed by Acclaim Studios Cheltenham, the game will be available on PS2, Xbox and PC this Fall. Gamer's Hell Local Download:
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  • Her name: Sydney Bristow. Her job: Agent for the CIA. Her target: Arvin Sloane, the man who murdered her fiancé. After two years of being a double agent inside the criminal organization, SD-6,Sydney Bristow thought she'd brought it down from the inside. She thought her mission was over. She thought she was getting out of the CIA. But when you're a spy, the truth is never that simple... Arvin Sloane, the mastermind behind SD-6, remains at large. And as long as he's out there, Sydney will never be safe. “Alias” is a third-person action adventure video game that allows players to step into the role of the series’ lead character, Sydney Bristow, an agent for the CIA. Bristow must use her cunning, extensive knowledge of martial arts and array of high-tech gadgetry to accomplish dangerous missions. “Alias” will encompass all of the key elements behind the series’ success, including high-action combat, stealth missions and time-based objectives, espionage, intriguing plot twists, high-tech weaponry and stunning gameplay locations that span the globe. “Alias” was created by J.J. Abrams, who executive-produces the series along with John Eisendrath, Ken Olin, Alex Kurtzman-Counter, and Roberto Orci. The series, which is filmed in Los Angeles and premiered on September 30, 2001, is from Touchstone Television. Product Features: • Original story and script from the writers of "Alias." • Game play offers a blend of combat, espionage and stealth. • Incredible combat system enables players to simultaneously fight multiple opponents in fierce hand-to-hand combat. • Fully interactive environments allow players to use objects as weapons or to create diversions. • The latest in state-of-the-art gadgetry designed by Marshall from "Alias." • Unique camera direction - utilizing multiple, simultaneous angles.

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