Gobliiins 4 King Balderon VIII Details

Find out why King Balderon VIII is so upset and depressed
Kalypso Media revealed the first details on King Balderon VIII, one of the characters from Gobliiins 4. For many years the kingdom of Goblinland has lived in peace. Any problems and King Balderon VIII has always been able to count on his three Goblins. Unsurprisingly this calm period of governance has made him rather relaxed and probably not as alert as he should be, and so vulnerable to influence especially by his grand steward Galantz who harbours the ambition to become king himself. Now Riri, the orycterope, has disappeared and probably run away and it has something to do with Galantz and his evil ambitions. The king has become very depressed and is missing Riri. The only hope for King Balderon VIII is the three clever Gobliiins. Gobliiins 4 is the next installment in a series which began back in 1991 with Gobliiins and continued with Gobliiins 2 in 1992 and Gobliiins 3 in 1993. The previous titles were developed by Coktel Vision, a French game developer which, in 1992, became a subsidiary of Sierra On-Line. Gobliiins 4 will be released on 24th April, 2009, for a recommended retail price of 19.99.