Party Fun Pirate Released

Gather your mateys and swashbuckling sailors for the Pop-Up Pirate based videogame featuring multiplayer gameplay
TOMY Corporation has announced that Party Fun Pirate is now available for digital download for Nintendo Wii via WiiWare. Based on the popular Pop-Up Pirate toy manufactured by TOMY, Party Fun Pirate features Mii support that allows players to use their own Mii character in the game. In Party Fun Pirate, players become pirates who take turns thrusting swords into a barrel that holds their black-bearded Captain captive, trying to see who can throw the most swords without harm. The game offers various adventures including a Pop-Up Party mode, where up to four pirates take turns at poking holes in the barrel, and a Pop-Up Logic mode, where a single mate competes in a race against time to find the bad holes before time runs out. As an added bonus, players are able to unlock the ability to play the entire game with their own Mii character in the barrel.