Uru E3 2003 Trailer

Ubi Soft has also released the E3 Trailer for Uru: Ages Beyond Myst, offering nearly two minutes of gameplay footage from the latest chapter in the Myst series currently in the works at Cyan Worlds. The game is scheduled for Fall 2003. Gamer's Hell Local Download:
  • Uru: Ages Beyond Myst E3 2003 Trailer (7.2 MB)
  • From the original creators of Myst® and Riven™, Uru: Ages Beyond Myst® is the most immersive and ambitious adventure experience in the Myst world to date. The story of the D’ni civilization began when they established their underground empire on earth some 10,000 years ago. While living beneath the earth’s surface, the D’ni practiced a technology called the “Art of Writing” to create incredible alternate worlds of fantastic variety called “Ages,” which they could travel to through “Linking Books.” During that time, a D’ni family traveled to the surface of what is now southern New Mexico, creating the link between our world and theirs. The D’ni people below thrived for some time, but later met with a great catastrophe that ended their civilization. The vast underground cities of the D’ni were left uninhabited and their Linking Book technology seemed lost forever – until now. KEY FEATURES · Explore a surreal and visually stunning world: Environments motivate players to explore · Easy to play: No rules to read, levels to build or maps to memorize · Non-threatening: You can’t be killed or menaced by other players · Optional interaction with other players: Subscribing to the optional expanded world, players will choose to interact in a small neighborhood of invited friends or explore the unknown with others visiting the great D’ni city · Mind-challenging: Play simple mini-games, discover new information about the mysterious D’ni civilization or solve puzzles that will unlock new Ages to explore · Acquire Linking Books: Access to alternate Ages expands with the size of your library · Intriguing storyline: A rich and compelling story unfolds as you acquire clues, solve puzzles and explore each unique Age · Single Player or Multiplayer: Play alone or with up to hundreds of people · Use voice chat to communicate in real-time: In the expanded online experience, players may use their own voice to communicate with other Uru explorers. Optional interaction with other players