Still Life 2 Demo

Still Life 2 continues the Still Life story with an unexpected thrilling twist
A playable demo of Still Life 2 has been released, allowing you to try out this adventure game sequel developed by Gameco Studios and due to be published by Microids during Q2 2009. Thanks: JC. The series presents the adventures of FBI agent and profiler Victoria McPherson, investigating some of North America's most difficult and darkest crimes. With this latest installment, Still Life aims to become the first original police series in the adventure game segment, building on the example of modern thrillers. Still Life 2 remains true to the spirit of its first installment and continues to allow gamers to play and manage two characters bound by the same fate. This time, the aim is for gamers to control two heroines, see the game from two complementary viewpoints and experience two different gameplays. Depending on whether they are playing the victim being hunted by the killer (Paloma Hernandez) or the FBI agent tracking him down (Victoria McPherson), gamers can alternate between survival and investigation.