X-Men Origins: Wolverine Ships/Xbox 360 Demo Released

Harness Wolverine's brute strength, regenerative mutant abilities, and indestructible adamantium claws
Activision has announced that X-Men Origins: Wolverine has shipped to retail stores in the same day with the global debut of Twentieth Century Fox's release of its feature film with the same name. Developed by Raven Studios and Amaze Entertainment, for PC, PS3, PS2, PSP, Xbox 360, DS and Wii, X-Men Origins: Wolverine enlists players to experience the tormented origins of Wolverine, from his escape of the Weapon X facility to the jungles of Africa and beyond. In related news, Activision Blizzard has sponsored the wolverine enclosure at Edinburgh Zoo for one year. In addition, the lead male wolverine has voluntarily changed his name to Logan in respect of the legendary Marvel character. Check full article for details - a playable demo for the Xbox 360 version of the game is now available.