Bounty Bay Online Second Crafting Set Available

Discover new continents and travel the known world of the time, all of this is possible in the action packed adventure on land and at sea
Frogster Interactive today announced that a new crafting bundle for lumberjacks is now available in the Bounty Bay Online Item Shop. The bundle for hardworking crafting journeymen includes five tickets to forestry centre, each one giving access for a period of 24 hours to an instanced forest area in which players find an inexhaustible timber resource. Also included in the bundle are five high level lumbering textbooks, which permit an accelerated increase in the lumberjacking ability for six hours. With the three level 1 skill exercise brochures, diligent wood choppers can earn doubled experience points for one hour. In comparison with the prices of the individual items, the Lumberís Bundle represents a price saving of around 50%. It will remain available at the special offer price of 149 shop points for one week until Wednesday May 13th.