Blitzkrieg v1.2 Patch

CDV has released a new patch for Blitzkrieg, bringing this RTS by Nival Interactive to v1.2. This release improves netcode, fixes ATI Radeon slowdowns, adds two new multiplayer maps, adds a new "high-end optimization" option to raise FPS for latest videocards (Radeon, GF3+), fixes several bugs and more (read full story for details). Source: Yiyas. Gamer's Hell Local Download:
  • Blitzkrieg v1.2 Patch (19.4 MB)
  • Here is the list of fixes: Fixed: Windows 98 USB devices bug Fixed: ATI Radeon slowdowns (see new option "high-end optimization" in video settings) Fixed: mission does not start - endless wait for additional players (multiplayer) Fixed: possible sync loss after one player leaves mission (multiplayer) Fixed: could not connect to server while playing from LAN with NAT (multiplayer) Fixed: endless “connect” to server (multiplayer) Fixed: Multiplayer sync losses reduced. On some PC configurations, sync losses may occur with the maps Tobruk, Normandy, Battle Path, Railroad Wars and Last Chance. We'll fix the problem in another patch as soon as possible. Sorry for the inconvenience. Fixed: GameSpy games list can contain duplicate entries (multiplayer) Fixed: GameSpy staging room stays open after host leaves (multiplayer) Fixed: player is dropped while connecting to host at the same time another player leaves (multiplayer) Fixed: infantry leaving buildings could crash the game Fixed: tanks sometimes shake off their entrenchment without direct command from the player Fixed: incorrect processing of single space in chat (multiplayer) Fixed: exit to main menu puts the player in the multiplayer section – at least once after showing ESRB notice (multiplayer) Fixed: possible crash in object properties (map editor) Fixed: crash after creation of a random map with the wrong season (map editor) Fixed: wrong encyclopedia statistics for "IL-2" weapons Fixed: several text errors Added: two new multiplayer maps (multiplayer) Added: automatic download of maps Added: team/all marker in mission chat (multiplayer) Added: GameSpy games list can be sorted by “server status” (multiplayer) Added: players list in GameSpy chat can be sorted by any of the upper columns (multiplayer) Changed: new network protocol Changed: after player disconnects, his units are given to the teammate with the most frags (multiplayer) Changed: new option "high-end optimization" can dramatically raise FPS for latest videocards (Radeon, GF3+)