Battlestations Pacific The Road to Hawaii Trailer and Screens #10

Players can rewrite the pages of history by taking control of the Japanese Imperial Navy to help destroy American defensive positions (2:15)
Eidos has released a new gameplay movie from Battlestations Pacific, showcasing the official sequel to Battlestations Midway due to be available in North America on May 12th and May 15th across Europe and Australia. Set in WWII, Battlestations: Pacific features a massive US and Japanese single player campaign with over 28 story missions, double the size of the previous Battlestations Midway. The game also features 21 new units, including kamikaze and other WWII jets and units. Players can now experience for the first time a whole new level of depth of gameplay while taking direct control of the infamous Ohka and other Japanese air units that terrorised the Pacific Ocean during WW2. For the first time, the game also includes the tactical landing of troops in battle. Fifteen new screenshots have been inserted in our gallery - the PC demo is locally mirrored here.