Pangya NA Open Beta Client

The open beta is now live for the online casual golf game
Ntreev USA has released the open beta client of Pangya, an online casual golf game due to be re-launched in North America. In Pangya, previously known as Albatross 18 in the U.S., players are taken to 14 locations where they can choose one of 8 unique playable characters. Pangya offers players thousands of possible combinations of costumes, accessories, equipment, golf clubs, power boosts and more that help them to become a pro out on the green. Before summer, Ntreev USA will introduce Season 4 with new characters, locations, all-new customization features and more. Members who previously had accounts for Albatross 18 will be able to transfer their accounts over to Pangya. All accounts setup during this beta phase will transfer over when the game launches commercially next month.
Pangya NA Client (372.51MB)

Pangya on PC
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