GTA 3 MTA v0.3b

A new version of GTA 3: Multi Theft Auto is now available for download. This new release (v0.3b) of the unofficial multiplayer mod for Grand Theft Auto 3 use a new system, support walking, big teams (up to 36 players) and new game modes (read full story for details). Gamer's Hell Local Download:
  • GTA 3 MTA v0.3b (5 MB)
  • The MTA v0.3b package include: MTA and it′s files to run, GTA3 Launcher, Dedicated Server and Dedicated Server config tool. Features of MTA v0.3b: - see each other walking - see each other shooting - see each other driving - gamemode DM-gangs supported for now - 6-12 players recommended for internet play - GTA3:MTA servers visible in ASE (The All-Seeing Eye) MTA v0.3b is optimized for GTA3 v1.1, and is not tested well with v1.0. So we recommend you to use GTA v1.1, although we made it possible to change the GTA3 version in MTA v0.3b. Information about MTA v0.3b and further releases: MTA v0.3b is the base of all the next releases of MTA. The delay was because of several things like my defect computer and stuff. Of course MTA v0.4 is not going to take so long. MTA v0.3b being the base means that the next releases won′t take much time between each other. We will focus on gametypes, stability and especially on synchronization... probably we′re going to use another type of synchronization in the next releases. Features in further releases: - gametypes like Capture The Whoopie, Speed, etc. (planned for MTA v0.4) - completely synchronized game (and objects) - stable programs.. no crashes, etc.
    GTA 3 MTA v0.3b (5.04MB)