The Chronicles of Spellborn Demon Chests Details and Artwork

Some demon artwork made its way into our gallery
Spellborn International released a few details on the demon chests from Chamber of Cowardice, a new location from The Chronicles of Spellborn. This the first of the Demon Chests uncovered by the Enclave. It can be found in the basement of the Enclave Palace in the Oracle District of Quarterstone. Every day, the Chamber to this chest will be accessible for a limited time only. The Chamber opens up in the evening (based on local Universe time) and remains available until the Universe restarts on the following day. The Chamber will also close after the chest has been looted; remaining players will be placed outside of it. The hallways to the Chamber are not enabled for PvP and allow access to the Chamber from multiple sides. Inside the Chamber, however, High House PvP is activated after a 5 second timer. Check the overview for more details and the artwork from our gallery.