DC Universe Online Flash Details and Screens

Lots of new screens and renders in our gallery
Sony Online Entertainment has released new screenshots from DC Universe Online, showcasing Flash. Wally West easily runs at light speed, vibrates through objects, creates explosions through friction – and, when at agonizing top capacity, can manipulate time and bridge dimensions. He is a time-honored member of the Justice League. The latest in a long line of Flashes, each with their own unique way of tapping into the primal “Speed Force,” Wally is determined to live up to the noble legacies of speedsters such as Barry Allen, Max Mercury, and Jay Garrick. Developed by the SOE Austin studio team in collaboration with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and DC Comics' top talent led by Executive Creative Director Jim Lee, DC Universe Online will let players create their own customized super hero or villain and wield amazing powers in the name of good or evil as they write their own chapter in the fabled DC Universe.