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Ubi Soft has released an updated demo of Will Rock, giving you another opportunity to try out this FPS by Saber Interactive. The demo offers one single-player level (The Tholos Temple) and a multiplayer map (The Rotunda). Please note that you MUST have Direct X 9 installed and that your video card MUST support hardware transform and lighting. Thanks Robert Eberlein for the mail and 3DGamers for providing a more reliable mirror than Gigbeeerkx where it was hosted :) Gamer's Hell Local Download:
  • Will Rock Updated Demo (v1.1) (113 MB)
  • Will Rock Demo v1.1 Thank you for downloading the Will Rock Demo. This Readme includes machine specs, performance tips, and game play controls. Here is the Minimum Required Machine Specification: Pentium III 500 MHz or Equivalent 128MB of RAM 32 MB video card or higher such as Geforce 2 or ATI Radeon or better Video card must support hardware transform and lighting (T&L) Windows Direct X 9 compatible sound card Windows 98/ME/2000 or XP Operating System Direct X 9 Required (included on disc) 220MB of free hard drive space Here is the Recommended Machine Specification: Pentium III 800 or Equivalent 256MB of RAM or higher 64 MB video card such as Geforce 3 or ATI Radeon or better Windows Direct X 9 compatible sound card Windows 98/ME/2000 or XP Operating System Direct X 9 Required 220MB of free hard drive space Default Controls: Forward: W Backward: S Strafe Left: A Strafe Right: D Shoot Weapon: Left Mouse button Crouch: CTRL Reload: R Jump: Spacebar Use: Enter Zoom Crossbow: Right Mouse button Main Menu: ESC Change Weapons: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 0, - Next Wpn: Mouse wheel up or [ Previous Wpn: Mouse wheel down or ] Pause Game: Pause Technical Issues: 1. Will Rock will only run on video cards with 32MB of RAM and Hardware Transform & Lighting support. (Most video cards released in the last 3 years with 32MB or higher support Hardware Transform & Lighting) Here is a list of cards that do NOT support Hardware Transform & Lighting will NOT work with Will Rock: 3DFX Voodoo series of cards Kyro Kyro II Nvidia TNT series ATI Rage series (and earlier cards) SiS Graphics Chips/Cards Intel Graphics Chips/Cards Matrox 450 and Matrox 550 (and earlier cards) Again, Will Rock is not compatible with any of the cards listed above which do not support Hardward T&L. 2. If you cannot see a LAN game, please check the Internet Connection Firewall. Choose StartControl Panel Right click on Lan Area Connection Select Advanced Uncheck Internet Connection Firewall (ICF) to turn it off. (Note: You may want to check this feature (ICF) back on for security reasons after play) If you cannot connect or host a game over the Internet, check to see if you have a firewall or router. You may have to open a port or DMZ channel to play Will Rock. Check your documentation that came with your firewall software or router. 3. If you are using a GeForce 2 or equivalent card, be sure to turn off FSAA, projected shadows, and detailed textures and run the game in 800x600 screen resolution. 4. Please note that if you are experienceing visual problems and/or extreme slowdowns when enabling advanced video features (e.g., full screen anti-aliasing), please update to the latest drivers. Some card and driver releases do NOT offer reliable support for advanced graphics features. It is likely that the card does NOT support certain advance features if you experience visual problems and/or extreme slowdowns. Please turn down/off the advanced graphic features to fix the visual problems or speed up game play. Tips on increasing performance: 1. Only the fastest machines (P4 1.4 GHz and Athlon 1700 XP+ and higher) with high end video cards (e.g., Geforce 4200 and Radeon 9000 series) should play with all graphics settings on high and all features on (e.g., Full Screen Anti-aliasing). 2. Update to the latest Microsoft certified drivers from your video card manufacturer. 3. Do not run any other applications in the background when playing the game. 4. Defragment your hard drive. (See Windows manual for instructions) 5. Increase the RAM in your machine. The game will take advantage of additional RAM above 128MB. 6. Always use the fastest machine to host a multiplayer game. The recommended minimum machine for hosting is a 1GHz machine. For fastest response via e-mail, please visit our website at: http://support.ubi.com/ >From this site, you will be able to enter the Ubi Soft Entertainment Solution Center where you can browse through our listings of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), search our database of known problems and solutions, or, for fastest e-mail response, you can send in a request for Personal Assistance from a Technical Support Representative. It may take up to 72 hours for us to respond to your e-mail depending upon the volume of messages we receive.

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