Aion: The Tower of Eternity Limited Collector's Edition Details and Trailers/Screens

Aion Limited Collector's Edition unveiled
NCsoft has announced that when Aion: The Tower of Eternity launches, players can purchase the Aion Limited Collectors Edition box through multiple retail channels. The centrepiece of the Aion Limited Collector's Edition box is a 16.5cm hand-painted figurine of the powerful Aiva, a female winged Asmodian Daeva. Aiva sports detachable wings and wields a removable axe. The Limited Collector's Edition features several exclusive in-game items, including the Black Cloud Wings, which greatly enhance flight time, the Black Cloud Earring, which boosts health and mana while playing, and an exclusive title that enhances an avatar's abilities. Press 'read more' for details - two new trailers and five more screenshots have been added in our download area.

Aion on PC
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