Overlord II E3 2009 Screens

Eleven new screens
Codemasters has released a new set of screenshots from Overlord II, illustrating this sequel to the original twisted fantasy action adventure, Overlord. The Minions return smarter, deadlier (and funnier) and are ready to fight in large scale battles that will see their wild pack mentality squaring up to the organised legions of the Glorious Empire. They will do anything and everything the Overlord commands of them, especially now that they can run ravage and wreck buildings and scenery. They have also learnt to ride: In Overlord II, Minions will be able to mount up and ride wolves and other magical creatures around the landscape and take them into battle. In development at Triumph Studios, Overlord II will be published by Codemasters on June 23 in North America and on June 26 in Europe, for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.